Networking with Grace

Networking with Grace

Being a Distributor at Limitless Worldwide means you are in the people business. Yes, we sell amazing age defying and weight loss products, but people are at the core of what we do. Successful network marketing requires you to communicate effectively, meet new people, market yourself, and build strong relationships.

It can seem scary at times, and it requires you to completely step out of your comfort zone. So what can you do to make it easier when talking about Limitless to people at a networking event?

Be Who You Are

  • When you meet someone new, just try to put your best foot forward. Not someone else’s best.
  • People want to meet people who keep it real, let your personality shine through, don’t feel like you have to read from a script.

Be Genuine

  • Don’t lie to make yourself look good. When talking about Limitless products or a success story, make sure you’re relaying facts. You don’t want to get busted in a lie and lose your credibility.
  • Staying honest and truthful will also trickle down to your team. Be a positive role model and avoid the temptation to stretch the truth, besides, showing a little bit of vulnerability can be endearing.

Build Reliable Relationships

  • Networking takes time, and time is money in this business. Quality networking should always supersede quantity, if you meet someone and feel a connection, nurture it, don’t just run around collecting business cards! Deep connections allow you to ask for and return favors.
  • Let people speak! You don’t always have to be the talker. Sometimes it’s great to be the listener, you never know what clues someone may give you into their needs.
  • Once someone feels like you’re giving them your undivided attention, they’ll reciprocate the same for you.

Provide Education

  • Tell people what you do! Talk about Finding Your Limitless, and what that means to you. You’ve lost weight with Shape, or improved your lifestyle with the Limitless compensation plan… tell them how.
  • Use a “sizzle” product, or a product they can feel immediately to get the conversation going. For example, give them a SkinnyStix and tell them about your success with the product.
  • Before people invest in something, they always want to hear the benefits. Don’t rush in with the features, lead with how amazing you feel and the results you’ve seen.
  • Provide information to your website or social media outlets.
  • Use all of your resources from the Virtual Office (Product Fact Sheets, videos, etc)!

Answer Questions

  • There’s no such thing as a dumb question! A person’s questions can give you the insight to understand any potential roadblocks a person may have in purchasing or joining you at Limitless.
  • Be prepared to answer anything! Know the paks and know the benefits of every product, be familiar with bonuses, and the compensation plan.

Don’t Forget About ‘Em

  • Follow-up! Reach out to people you’ve spoken to about Limitless, and use tidbits of your prior interaction as an icebreaker. Enter the conversation from a friendly perspective, rather than attacking them with a sales offer. Being disingenuous is the best way to make sure you never hear from someone again.

The most important thing, however, is to HAVE FUN!

If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, then you’re in the wrong place (that sounds harsh, but really.. you need to have fun).