Which regimen is right for you?

Which of these statements best describes your personality?

I'm competitive

I want something that can help me push myself to be the best

I'm a multitasker

I'm constantly juggling multiple projects with my career, family, and hobbies and want something that can help me keep up with all of it!

I'm methodical

I like to deal with one project at a time and want something that can help me stay focused

I'm overstressed

Improving my quality of life and finding something that can help me relax is my number one priority

Do you have trouble sleeping?



What most frequently prevents you from exercising?


I exercise regularly


I'm often too worn out


I'm often too busy


It's too overwhelming

Do you experience dips in your energy levels throughout the day?

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Your skin tends to be:

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What is your age range?

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How many times per week do you eat out?

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Pick your primary lifestyle goal:

Weight Loss


Maintain Youth

Mental Focus

Are you a competitive athlete?



Are you subjected to testing for banned substances?



Do you prefer a plan that involves:



Minimal Exercise

Do you prefer to:

Jump-Start Your Weight Loss with an Intense Fast & Cleanse?

Intermittent Fasting

Do you prefer to take:

High Stimulant / Energy Formulas

Moderate Stimulant / Energy Formulas

Do you prefer to:

Enhance Aerobic Endurance

Focus on Strengthening and Muscle Tone

Are you:



Which best describes your goals?



Age Defying / Hormone Balancing

Which best describes you?

Sleep Deprived

Young / Fun Loving

Business Driven / Multitasker

Based on your answers, the best limitless regimen for you is:

When it comes to weight loss and staying active, there are different fits for different folks. This regimen is a science-based combination for weight loss, intended for those who want to include exercise and like the energy and endurance enhancement provided by well-researched, well-formulated compounds.