Live Your Limitless

Networking with Grace

Being a Distributor at Limitless Worldwide means you are in the people business. Yes, we sell amazing age defying and weight loss products, but people are at the core of what we do. Successful network marketing requires you to communicate effectively, meet new people, market yourself, and build strong relationships. It can seem scary at […]

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A new perspective on weight loss: Reset your physiology

Guest Post by Dr. Jon Wisco, Ph.D., Anatomy and Neurobiology Professor, Brigham Young University and University of Utah School of Medicine Fat is good. We need fat. The most important system in our body (okay, I’m biased, I’m a neuroscientist) – our nervous system – is comprised of nearly 60 percent fat! Without a healthy amount of […]

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When it comes to stress, it’s all small stuff.

Stress, a normal part of all of our lives….but does it have to be? If we can all learn to take a deep breath, and focus on what matters, perhaps we’d make more time for truly productive activities. You just yelled at a crazy driver on the road. You spilled coffee on your shirt. And […]

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